New NBL features


The AJ Bell National Badminton League is a game-changer for the sport of badminton in the UK and new innovative, in-play features to the gameplay on match-nights add to the spectator experience and electric-charged atmosphere.

Here are some of the dynamic new features, some exclusive to the NBL, that are ensuring the fastest racket sport on the planet has just got a whole lot faster:


New and unique to the AJ Bell NBL is the PowerPlay point - an exciting match-night feature giving serving players the chance to earn double points (2 points) when winning a PowerPlay rally.

Each player has just one PowerPlay they can call during each event but both opponents cannot call upon the PowerPlay in the same game - even in the final game tie break played to 5.

For serving players, the Powerplay is packed with advantage and the chance to win two points. For receiving players, with only one point on offer for winning the rally, the focus is on damage limitation.

A game of extreme nerve, tactics and nous, the PowerPlay is critical in all NBL events.


Adding to the fast paced atmosphere of a match-night, breaks between games are a maximum 45 seconds with no coaching.  Instead, teams can call one 45-second Time-Out per event to take on any coaching advice.

When the shuttle is not in play, a Time-Out can be called between points by either player or from the coach on the sidelines . 

A Time-Out can be used at any stage during the event but only one 'Time-Out' can be called by either team during any game. 

Coaching is not permitted at any other stage during an event, making Time-Outs an intriguing new feature.  Who will blink first?


Having two reserves on stand-by to step into the spotlight for every match-night is critical for the teams.

Unlike traditional badminton team events where injury during a game could see an event forfeited, the NBL teams have the option of bringing on a substitute to continue playing the game.
Only two substitutes can be brought on during a match-night fixture.

They must be fresh and ready to go though.  Substitutes will go straight in without a warm up.


Gone are the days of the traditional 2-3 minute knock-ups for the players. The NBL's fast-paced and competitive gameplay gets under way after just 60 seconds warm up in all events. 


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